Black Lotus Casino Review – Check the reviews

After playing for an entire month it is easy to say that whatever your gambling preferences are, the Black Lotus Casino from BETONSOFT can accommodate you. With plenty of online table games and slots, this online casino has a game to suit your every betting whim. American players are welcome so no matter where you hail from, you will feel at home. There are so many play styles of your favorite casino games to choose from there really was something for everyone. There are over 5 types of blackjack alone including the popular Atlantic City style. You can also choose from different formats of poker games and American or European style roulette. There are tons of new slots to pick from too including cute and fun to the more serious high variance ones.

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At Black Lotus, the high definition animation of the casino games adds nicely to the gaming experience. Known for its extremely detailed graphics, you will recognize this newly popular style of animation from kids’ cartoons. These high-def animations are stylistically more realistic and 3D looking than the older, more prevalent styles. The animations on the reels of the slot machines are very clever. They build character portrayals and progress plot points with bonuses in order to give the slot machine a cohesive story line. As the player, your participation in the story line enhances the playing experience and makes you excited to try other games to see what fun things will happen in the features.

In the lobby of this US friendly online casino, you can pick which game you’d like to play from a visually stunning grid options. The square pictures of the games are vibrant and easy to read. This format helps you get an idea of which one you’d like to play more easily than looking at an A-Z text lists like RTG casinos. If that hasn’t enticed you yet, they also scroll the details of jackpots and the names of real-life jackpot winners to get you spinning. Wouldn’t it be cool to see your name scrolling at the bottom of the screen? Jackpot Winner!

When you are ready to start playing, you can make an account at this online casino very quickly and easily. Once you spend the two minutes it takes to complete that, you can decide whether you just want to play for fun or if you want to bet with your own real money. If you are going to use a bank roll of real money, be sure to check and see which bonuses are available to you. There are some websites that have money for Black Lotus Casino will add some free spins for you to play with when you make your first deposit.

Another thing you will notice in the lobby is that some of the game choices have an icon in the top or bottom border of the graphic. These icons indicate pertinent information about the game displayed in the square. For example there is an icon of a flame. When you hover the mouse over the flame, a text box will appear and tell you that this icon means the game is hot. You probably have a greater chance of hitting a jackpot or bonus feature when the game is hot. Gold medals let you know that the game is new and blue stars tell you that the game is being featured.

To further help you get a feel for some of the newer slot machines, Black Lotus plays a mini-trailer of a new casino game that it offers. The animated trailer gives you a peek at some of the characters, bonuses, and feature action you can expect to experience in the new slot machine. If it interests you, you can click on the Play Now button offered at the bottom of the trailer.

A new slot machine at the online casino comes just in time for Valentine’s Day or really any soap opera packed afternoon called Perfect Date. What’s your idea of the perfect date? How about a Parisian sunset spent gazing into each other’s eyes under the famous Eiffel Tower? The silhouetted couple on The Paris Date represent scatter and can activate the free spin feature of this game if you get 3 or more. When you do activate the free spin feature of this slot machine, all wins become doubled by the 2x multiplier that is automatically applied.

The Perfect Date slot machine is romantic and pretty with cut out flowers and heart edged scrolling. It plays serene and dreamy music while you stroll hand and hand down the beach at dusk on the Beach Date. While the Beach Date is wild all of the time, the Steamy Shower date is a wild that only appears during the free spin feature. Whatever your version of the perfect date, you will enjoy the sweet twilight scenes of this romance-inspired and sometimes seasonally appropriate slot machine.

If Valentine’s Day makes you ill than try your luck at one of the other 40 HD slots including the war themed slot Small Soldiers. How is that for different? Alpha Squad and The Purse of the Mummy are good examples of fun versions reminiscent of recent movies and so many others make the player want to win more by exploring the casino further. Buy yourself a heart-shaped box of chocolates or some cash candy and have some fun playing the online casino games for real money. At the very least you should get a nice sugar rush! 5 of 5 star rating for being an original in a cloud of the same and for fast becoming my new favorite USA online casino.