Full Tilt Poker Download – How to download it 

Installing the Full Tilt Poker download gives you a chance to earn up to $600 worth of free poker money. Now that’s an incentive you won’t find with any other gaming program!

There is a need to join the best online poker gaming sites to take a benefit of the downloaded games. The downloading of the games is easy and simple for the playing at mobile phone or personal computer. The chances of winnings are high for the players through it. 

The Full Tilt Poker download is the first step towards claiming the great poker bonus from Full Tilt Poker that is currently being offered to new players who are planning to open their first real money account with the site.

The code that will unlock this Full Tilt Poker bonus is FULLTILT123. Use this code when creating your account to get that excellent 100% match bonus up to $600.

Get the Full Tilt Poker download now

Go to the Full Tilt Poker website to get the Full Tilt Poker download. You should see a big red button marked Play Now right in the middle of the page. Click this button and run the installer directly from the server or save the files on your computer for manual installation.

Follow the instructions on the setup wizard until you reach the section for the end user license agreement. Make sure you accept the license agreement to successfully install the Full Tilt Poker download on your machine.

Make your first deposit using the Full Tilt Poker download

After you’ve installed the Full Tilt Poker download, a Full Tilt Poker icon will appear on your desktop. Double click this icon to launch the game as well as the login screen.

On the login screen, click on the button that says Create a New Account. Signing up for Full Tilt Poker is similar to how you would sign up for an email service or eBay account. Choose a username and password and provide your personal details such as name, address, and contact numbers.

The last and most crucial part of the account creation process is the bonus code. DO NOT miss the optional bonus code field. If you fail to submit the FULLTILT123 bonus code correctly, you won’t be able to claim your Full Tilt Poker bonus.

After entering the FULLTILT123 bonus code, click the Cashier button. Choose a payment method on the Cashier window to make your first deposit. Any amount you put in will be doubled by Full Tilt Poker up to $600.

Once the payment is made, you can now play Full Tilt Poker and start earning Full Tilt Points. Every time you join cash games for Hold`em, Razz, Stud, Omaha and Draw Poker, you earn Full Tilt Points that you can exchange for a specific amount of your bonus money. Use your Full Tilt Points to release your Full Tilt Poker deposit bonus into your real money balance.