Gambling Guys Gg Playing Online Casino Slots To Win

Playing slot online pragmatic and to win online games there is universally appealing. When one thinks of a land-based casino, it is often the image of people sitting in front of slot machines, feeding coins randomly into the machine, that comes to mind.

The slot machine has been around since about 1898 and its appeal lies in the opportunity it offers to win a lot of money with a small wager. Many people have become instant millionaires by playing slots online and at land-based casinos.

However, slots are big business for land-based and online casinos – in excess of two-thirds of annual land-based casino income is attributable to slot games. Online casinos are probably near this number in terms of income. So is there a way to play slots and maximize your chances of winning? Many people around the world claim to have invented systems and methodologies to beat the slot machine. Is this possible?

It is not possible to use a system or methodology to beat the casino at slots. Today’s slot machines are highly sophisticated computerized machines, and there is no legitimate way to “beat” them. In any event, when it comes to paying out a jackpot, the casino can refuse to pay you if there is any evidence of fraud or illegitimate play. The casino will examine the video footage and other data to ensure that the win is legitimate.

It is possible to play slots more smartly. To do so it’s important to understand how these sophisticated slot machines work and particularly something referred to as a Random Number Generator (RNG). When a player drops a coin into a slot machine and pulls the handle to spin the reel, the computer within the slot applies a mathematical formula through the RNG to determine the result of the action.

This result is established in terms of the casino’s predetermined percentages. Before the slot machine is put in the casino, the casino will determine the percentage it wants the slot to pay out over time, for example, 94.8%. The percentage payout of that machine will vary day to day, but over the life of that slot machine it will be 94.8%, and you may be the lucky player who wins the jackpot. I guess it is that random element that keeps people playing slots.

So while you can’t use a system to beat a slot machine and win, you can improve your percentage payout during the course of playing. Let’s examine some ways to do this. Firstly – slow down your play. Put your money in the slot machine slower, pull the handle slower and enjoy the experience. You do not increase your chances of winning by playing faster, so you may as well enjoy the journey. Secondly do not play the smallest or largest coin size machine – play one in the middle. Slot machines that accept small coin sizes, generally pay out less than those that accept middle range coin sizes A slot machine that accepts nickels, for example, will generally play out less than those that accept $1 and $2, so rather play these slots. Thirdly, understand that progressive jackpots normally have a much lower payout.

While the amount to be won is high, the percentage payout rate is much lower, in the region of 83%. Slot machines that are not linked generally payout somewhere in the 90 percentile. Lastly, if you are a slots enthusiast, and believe that you will one day win the big one, then it’s advisable to become a member of a slot’s club.