Marriage Survive Video Games

Game Over: Can a Marriage Survive Video Games?

Every once in a while, something great enters your life. Your pulse quickens. Your eyes light up. Your palms sweat. Your brain seems to run at hyper-speed. You have been thrilled. This is a feeling you want all the time! This is the kind of feeling that you are likely to get when playing Poker Online Terpercaya but there are other things that can lead to it as well. 

But what happens when there are two of these great thrills in your life at once?

The First Thrill

I was always careful in college not to get lost in computer games. My studies came first and took the majority of my time. Free time was primarily spent outdoors. But after college, the workday had definite beginning and ending times. Given free time, what could I do? I played a few video games, but nothing too much.

I was also married soon after college. My wife and I got along great. We had a pretty ideal marriage for a couple of newlyweds. And we had great families with whom we enjoyed spending time. Yes, I was addicted to my relationship with my wife!

The Second Thrill

After a couple years of marriage, my wife, who was still in graduate school, received a summer internship in a different state. She moved out for the summer, and I moved the computer into the bedroom of our rented townhouse. I began playing computer games long into the night. This wasn’t really a problem for me, since I lived alone, and the computer arrangement was comfortable enough that I didn’t get tired of staring at the screen.

When my wife moved back after the summer, I managed the video games pretty well. A year later we moved half-way across the country for some new jobs. She worked longer hours than I did, and I used my free time to get back into computer games.

Of course, the games started taking more and more of my time. When my wife came home, we would have dinner together and maybe watch a little television. My wife is a habitual reader, so she would pull out a book and I would sit at the computer some more.

I finally realized that I had a problem with computer games when I started failing to notice when my wife went to bed at night. I would be happily playing some game and suddenly realize it was near or after midnight and the rest of the house was dark. Even if my wife came in the office to tell me she was going to bed, I would sometimes lose another hour or more in the games.

A Crash for Survival

The cure for me was a blessing in the disguise of a computer failure. The hard drive in our desktop failed first, then several other components started failing. Finally I had to replace the entire computer, and when I did, I made the conscious decision to not install any games on the new one. Yes, I had to take the hard “cold turkey” approach to my computer game addiction.

However, I am still happily married. My wife is a wonderful woman, and her ability to forgive my computer addiction never ran out. Our relationship is even better now that I dedicate more time to her and to our daughter.

And I don’t think the computer games have really missed me all that much!