Get Yourself Introduced With Poker Game

Out of all the famous table games, poker games now top lists the rank with its increasing demand among the avid players. This game is much famous at casino houses but now with the sizzling demand even home places are becoming preferred junction for abetting the intense fever of poker game among the players. You may have variation too regarding the rules at both places, however rules adopted by casinos are the basics everywhere and is followed in home with slight variation. Poker game is played uniformly in all casinos and a deck is 52-card is used to perform various form of this game.

Site verification

The main problem with poker sites these days is that there are so many poker cheats. The genuine site will always provide logos or links to a company that proves that the poker site and games are verified and certified as genuine games. The poker sites should have random number generators, and they should be able to prove their trustworthiness to the customers. Therefore, always make sure that the k9win can be verified.

Since, k9win games are played in different ways; there are also different rules for the different game played in it. For example when it is a draw games a joker is included there but it can not be included when it is to play flop games like Texas Holdem, Stud game etc.

The ranking of cards normally starts with the ace and ranking descend with ace, king, queen, jack, 10 and so on. Often the card ranking keeps the king at top and the ace the put at the lowest below the card having number 2 but it can be found rare in common poker games.

The number of cards distributed to each player also depends upon the form of poker game and it can vary considerably with your game-form choice. Below is the list of some of most common poker games that can help you differentiate them with the brief introduction given here.

Texas Holde’m:

This is one of the most famous forms of poker game and often is know as just Holdem. This game is basically a community card game in which 5 cards are commonly shared by players and they have freedom to make any desired hand matching the shared cards with that of two available to them. For betting there can be any thing like limit, no limit, and pot limit.

Omaha Holde’m:

Much similar to Texas Holde’m but here players have four personal cards and five community cards to be shared by every one. This game can have also the option of limit, pot limit or often no limit and is played high only.


Though, there can be much variation for Stud but still the seven card form is most common. This form is most common in casino while in tournament the seven card stud high-low is more famous. At home places the forms people usually opt for this game are anaconda, Chicago, and a lot more. This game has also a 5- card form but is rarely found in casinos, as it requires somewhat better skill that normally becomes tedious for new comers or even the old players. ‘Sonora’ one of its type and normally played with no limit is common with some of avid kind of players of this game.

Draw Poker:

One of the commonest of all poker games. This game has 5 card-drawn option and is normally requires high-standard of skill for its high level basics. So normally the new comer hardly finds smooth run in this game that is whey they normally do not choose in the beginning. However, this game is now rare in casinos.

Low ball:

Unlike other form in low ball the lowest hand wins the game. The ace has the lowest rank in this game so the best hand combination will be (5, 4, 3, 2, A). This game too has many variations. One of its famous form 2-7 or deuce to seven draw the flushed and straights too are counted and ace ranks top. Now the best hand possible here can obviously be (75432). This game generally played with no limit bet and now it is rare in the casinos. But whenever it is played there it is played with triple drew option instead of single draw at the previous.