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Norwegian Gamblers Welcome Neteller- Get to know about gamblers 

The issue of online gambling prohibition in the USA is far from being closed with the UIGEA coming into full effect on June 1. A lot of legislators, internet casino operators and fans of online poker are sure to work hard either to officially limit or even cancel the act, or to find different ways to bypass it. In Norway, just like in the States, the responsibility of killing off domestic internet gambling sites is put on the banking system.

The 온라인카지노 provides plenty of benefits to the online players. The playing of the games is possible at home with comfort and convenience. It is eliminating the need to go to physical or land-based casinos. As a result, the playing of the games will deliver unlimited enjoyment and fun to the players. 

Starting on the same date of June 1 when the official Payment Act of Norwegian parliament comes into effect, any bank in Norway must cancel all the transactions of its customers to and from internet sites that offer gambling or bookmaking services. This means that banks will lose a share of their profits, while also having to devote more resources to the control of customers’ accounts.

But, as we know, nature abhors a vacuum and if there is a demand there will sooner or later be a supply. On the one hand, we have a multitude of people willing to have some fun or maybe earn some money while gambling online. On the other hand, we have all those modern technologies of instant information travelling worldwide. The result is that a supply comes handy even before the demand arises; especially considering the huge number of active individuals seeking to exploit any opportunity there is to get rich.

These are the most important reasons of the futility of any prohibiting governmental actions in modern democratic countries. And it is beautifully illustrated by the current story of the Norwegian ban of any gambling transactions for the banks. Even before the Payment Act came into effect, the most well-known provider of alternative payment methods called Neteller casinos has launched an incredibly efficient advertising program, including online newsletters and internet commercials, where Norwegian customers are advised to use the safe and secure eWallet for all their gambling needs, as it is in no way controlled by either the government or the banks. Every gambler may keep on betting, but the process became just one step more complicated.

Now the money has to be first transferred from a banking account to a player’s Neteller eWallet or deposited at the more popular stores through the Ukash system, and then the winnings may be easily credited back to a bank from eWallet or cashed immediately at their numerous locations. This is the only possible outcome of a government’s ill-conceived decision. People get smarter, new millionaires appear among those who first devise a working scheme to get over a prohibition and generally the trust of a nation in the ruling class decreases even more.

But on the other hand it all might be just a clever tactics of Norwegian politicians, who should be not less than their American colleagues concerned with all the power in the hands of the world banking system. In this case the prohibition of gambling transactions seems only natural, as it would promote the development of alternative ways of transferring money worldwide. This will of course generate substantial income for companies like Neteller, but at the same time it will give the people more options as how to control their cash flow, making the citizens a bit wiser in the money matters.