Play Bingo And Be A Winner – How to play games

If you’ve never played bingo online before, here’s a quick guide to get the most out of your online bingo experience. You can choose from an amazing assortment of bingo games on various bingo sites – the options are almost limitless – and best of all, you can play bingo online any time of day, any day of the week.

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How to play bingo online

Most bingo sites require you to have a suitable device, such as PC, tablet or even phone in order to play bingo online (check specific sites for technical specifications). Obviously, the device you use will need to be internet-enabled; high-speed broadband is best to ensure there is no delay.

Bingo rules

Playing bingo online is very similar to playing bingo in a traditional bingo hall (if you’ve done that). When you’re on the bingo site, the bingo card will appear on the screen, typically with three faces to the card. Normally, you’ll also see important information regarding the current bingo session, such as

Previous numbers called and current number as it is called

List of active players for the session

Bingo chat (where you can chat with other players between games)

Many online bingo players like the chat room feature as it allows them to socialize with other players in-between games by typing a short message.

More than just bingo

Most bingo sites usually provide additional attractions for bingo players to have fun with either before, between or after live bingo sessions. Common features include bingo news, bingo quizzes, comments and pics of previous bingo winners, bulletins about special bingo events and tournaments, as well as news regarding prizes to be won and also how to claim any gift or prize vouchers you might win while playing.

Is online bingo free?

You’ll find some bingo sites offer free bingo sessions which you don’t have to pay for. But if you want to play bingo for the big cash prizes or rollover jackpots – you’ll typically have to pay something to play. The game itself is the same – but the prizes are much bigger and better, so if you win, it’s well worth it! Another, maybe less important, advantage of pay-to-play bingo games is the fact that you won’t be bombarded with advertising, which is typically the case with free bingo sessions. Pay-to-play bingo normally requires a credit or debit card to access the games.

Bingo sign up

Most bingo sites, whether they charge you or not to Play Bingo games, will require you to set up an account. This is easy enough to do; just provide a username, a valid e-mail address and you should be ready to play your first online bingo game. Good luck!