The New Venture Of Candy Club Into Online Gambling

Candy Club has launched itself again in a new way, launching to the world via its own social crypto casino, which is a first in its own type. The concept is simple, yet very effective: Players can gamble for free or play against other users of the site while earning rewards based on their activity and performance on a regular basis, which can keep the users or gamblers engaged to the club for longer. This also makes it more exciting for the gamblers to play and earn rewards for their efforts, like many online casino sites like bk8 thailand do.

The company says it will offer players an opportunity to win real money if they make enough deposits in the future. However, this isn’t Candy Club’s first venture into the world of online gambling — that honor goes to, which launched in 2017. 

With, players could earn rewards by playing games such as slots, scratch cards, and bingo, but closed down in December 2018 after failing to secure funding from third-party investors. This time around, however, Candy Club hopes to be different. 

In addition to offering gamblers the chance to take part in social gaming events like tournaments and challenges, Candy Club is also planning to launch a cryptocurrency called CANDY (CNDY), which is currently trading at $0.0045 per coin. Users will be able to use CANDY to bet on games played through the site, and the more they wager, the more the platform pays out in CANDY coins.

“We are going to pay our users with cryptocurrency, so we have to create some kind of ecosystem where people want to earn and then spend it,” CEO and cofounder Mike McKeever told us. “That’s why we decided to go with the CANDY token. We believe that people will love to get rewarded with something they know, instead of getting paid with something they don’t understand.” 

McKeever said that the team behind Candy Club was drawn to blockchain technology because it offers a decentralized approach to payments. This means there’s no middleman taking a cut, and the transactions are all recorded and verified by machines rather than people. 

“It’s not like using PayPal where every transaction needs to be approved. Blockchain technology allows the payment process to happen almost instantaneously without any human intervention.” 

“I think we saw a lot of potential in blockchain, and this is one of those areas where you can really see how it works well,” he explained. “In this case, we can give our users a reward. We can incentivize them to participate in events, and then we can collect that data and then give back to them when they need it most.” 

As for how Candy Club plans to generate revenue, it will charge a small percentage of each user’s earnings before paying out in CNDY coins. In fact, McKeever says that one of the reasons the company went with a social crypto casino over a traditional one is because it doesn’t require a license. 

“If you want to build a conventional casino, you have to follow a bunch of regulations,” McKeever said. “You have to meet certain requirements and standards, and then you have to apply for a license. That’s just too much hassle. It’s not like using PayPal where every transaction needs to be approved. Blockchain technology allows the payment process to happen almost instantaneously without any human intervention.” 

While the idea of turning online casinos into social platforms may seem odd at first glance, McKeever says that it makes sense when viewed from the perspective of the player. 

“When you look at the problem of gaming addiction, you can say that one of the main reasons people become addicted to games is that they are very social,” he explained. “It’s like social media. You feel good about yourself when you win, and the more people are watching, the better you feel. Now we’re giving them the opportunity to do both, and that’s what I think makes it a lot more attractive to consumers.” 

“This gives them the ability to compete with their friends, which is fun, but also gives them the opportunity to get rewarded for doing it, which is even better.” 

Candy Club is still in the early stages of development, and the team is currently working hard on building a community of gamers who will be willing to share their insights with the company. Right now, the platform only offers games from developers within the Candy Club network, including Starburst, Black Jack, and Fluffy Favourites. Future plans include adding games from external developers, and McKeever says that the company is open to partnerships with anyone interested in joining the Candy Club network.

“We are always looking for partners,” he said. “It’s more of a mindset thing. If you come to us and tell us your vision, and you have a great business plan, then we would certainly consider working with you.” 

For now, the focus is on improving the experience for existing users. As the platform grows, McKeever hopes that the community will grow along side it. 

“One of the things that we are trying to accomplish here is building a global community of players,” he said. “Once we achieve that, then we can start talking about expansion to new markets and territories. But until we reach that point, we’re just focused on making sure that everything we deliver is up to par.”