Nintendo Wii Accessories

The Top 10 Nintendo Wii Accessories

The Nintendo Wii is console that has received some interesting software support. The rise of casual games that require limited playing time and ease of operation has produced some very interesting accessories. Many of these specialized controllers or bells and whistles are more cumbersome than useful. Still the Nintendo Wii offers several great options that should be added to the unit eventually. The top 10 Wii accessories help enhance the playing experience from that little white box.

Nintendo USB WI-FI Connector/ Your Wireless Router

One of the top Wii accessories is also one of the most rarely used, and chances are pretty good a wireless router is already present in the same home the Wii is located. Allowing your console to connect to the internet allows for downloading great classic games from Virtual Console and the great Wii Ware titles as well. Since these games are a fraction of the price of a retail store game this particular accessory is a great buy.


Any microphone can add all sorts of great experiences to a wide variety of Wii games. Granted some people do not need to have their voices amplified over your home theater system, but pop in a singing game and everyone will be reaching for the mic wanting their turn.

Nintendo Steering Wheel

The Nintendo Steering Wheel is a great addition to all the racing games available for the Wii. One of these comes packaged with a variety of racing games and really adds to the experience of driving the large variety of cars and motorcycles available.

The Wii Motion Plus

When Wii Sports Resort was released the true capability of the Wii was experienced. The Wii Motion Plus adapter allows for greater control as well a higher degree of precision in many Wii games. The Wii Motion Plus will be a requirement for many future games, including a little upcoming release in the Legend of Zelda series.

Guitar Controller

Guitar Hero helped revolutionize gaming. Rhythm games now make up a fairly large segment of Wii titles, and a guitar controller is always required. While all guitar controllers are not created equal, the vast majority of them serve their purpose well. Remember though, you get what you pay for. For many gamers, especially Wii owners durability comes at a higher price.

The Wii Fit Balance Board

If you would have told me four years ago that fitness games would be a hit, I would have flat out laughed. Now, the fitness genre is on fire and the Wii Fit Balance Board is leading the charge. The white pad supports a variety of applications, not just for fitness games. The board has been a sled and a skateboard and designers are always finding new ways of getting this top Wii accessory into their games.

The Wii Zapper

The Wii Zapper allows for the Wii controller and nunchuk to be positioned into a light gun. This unique way to access the control stick and point and shoot ability creates some really cool interactive environments. The Zapper comes with a Legend of Zelda Crossbow Training game that is fun for hours, and you will even find yourself picking it up months from the date of purchase. Several shooting theme games incorporate this accessory into the control package.

Wii Points

Wii Points are available for purchase at pretty much every major game retailer or right over the console. These points are redeemable for Virtual Console games which are great classic Nintendo, Sega, or many other vintage games. Wii Points are also redeemable for WiiWare games which are new releases not available in stores but only over the Internet. Wii Points open up a whole new world of gaming for the Wii, and help bring back some great memories.

An SD Card

If you plan on downloading a number of Virtual Console or WiiWare games, or have multiple save files for different games, then you already know how indispensable your SD card plugged into the front of your Wii is. These flash memory devices actually expand the capabilities of the system. Games and save files can be transferred from the Wii System Memory to the SD card from the system memory menu. In addition, pictures can be stored on the SD card and viewed over the Wii via Picture Channel.

Wii Speak

The Wii Speak is still a relatively new accessory to access the application of live roulette online casino to play in the betting sessions with other in gameplay of carding like the poker. Since the device allows users who have “friended” each other to communicate during certain games (something Playstation 3 and X Box 360 owners can do constantly), there is no doubting the cool factor here. Unfortunately, the Wii Speak has been woefully underutilized by game manufacturers so far. Hopefully, the new season of games find new ways to take advantage of this great piece of technology.