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Wink Bingo Latest Tv Ad Behind The Scenes

UK TV audiences have been enjoying the newest Wink bingo TV commercial for a little more than two weeks now. Released on the 14th of March 2009, this new ad has moved away from the earlier series of TV commercials in its basic concept.

Spacebar Media, which has been handling the ad campaigns for in the print, digital, and TV media for the last two years, wanted to focus on the ‘good experience factor’ of playing online bingo at Wink bingo. “ is synonymous with winning and celebration” Michael Zucker, Creative Director at Spacebar Media emphasizes. The new ad is a crystallization of exactly this statement.

Instead of going the beaten path of regularly announcing the newest promotions run by the website, Spacebar Media opted to change tracks and zero in on the fun and excitement to be had to play online bingo at or Interwin88. In order to showcase the heightened fun factor along with the joy of winning at, the concept of a regular female online bingo player dancing a la Fred Astaire in the classic movie Royal Wedding was finalized. The immortal dance sequence of the legendary Fred Astaire dancing on the walls and even the ceiling of his room was used as the inspiration as it could perfectly convey the unadulterated happiness to be experienced on playing and winning at

Jenny Dale, actor and dancer extraordinaire, fit the image of the typical at-home female bingo player perfectly. The dance sequence, beautifully performed by Ms. Dale was choreographed by Stephen Mears, an accomplished choreographer with many successful music videos and TV commercials to his credit.

Instead of opting for the ‘green screen’ technique, the media company opted to have a complete rotating set constructed like this, they felt, would give a more realistic-looking final product. Special effects company Artem was brought on board to design and execute this rotating set with all details incorrect place. A completely realistic sitting room with a sofa, a bookcase, a computer table, its chair, picture frames on the walls, and even a fishbowl with goldfish swimming about in it, was created.

A Red camera supporting 4k video along with 35mm lenses were employed to ensure that the illusion would be flawless. The camera and the lighting rig were both attached to the rotating set itself. Thus the image of the exuberant bingo player dancing from the floor to the walls and then on to the ceiling and back would be completely realistic.

This new commercial named ‘Celebrate’ shows a regular female online bingo player playing bingo at and then celebrating her win. It captures the feelings of fun and exhilaration that a player feels on playing and winning at Such is the player’s happiness and celebration that her emotions lend wings to her feet and she dances all over her sitting room in sheer joy.